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Wilson Pine Straw Mulch New!

Wilson Pine Straw MulchWilson Pine Straw Mulch is one of the newest pine straw products in the industry. It is catching on quickly as customers experience the benefits of high quality chipped pine straw over the traditional baled straw:

  • Easy installation
  • Avoid heavier lifting
  • Mulch will fit easily into a car trunk
  • Avoid hassle of trying to get straw to lay flat

Wilson Pine Straw Mulch weights from 10-12 pounds each and enhances the look of any plant bed in seconds. Get your quote now to make Wilson Pine Straw Mulch available to your customers! Top

Wilson Square Bale Pine Straw

Wilson Square Bale Pine StrawWilson Square Bale Pine Straw is one of our most popular products throughout the south. Hand raked, hand baled, and high quality, it offers customers bright fresh straw while still avoiding heavy lifting. The Wilson square bale is roughly 28" x 14" x 14" and covers about 50 square feet depending on thickness. Contact us to get your free quote today. Top