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Straw Bed with Pine Straw Mulch Loaded Trailor of Square Baled Straw Stack of Square Bale Straw 3 Bags of Wilson Pine Staw Mulch

All About Pine Straw

Pine straw has been used for ground cover mulching in the South for over twenty years. It is appropriate for any size project whether business or residential. There are numerous benefits that make it superior to other mulches such as bark, leaves, and grass clippings. Below are just a few quick facts that make pine straw an ideal mulch for promoting the growth of healthy plants all year round.

  • It conserves soil moisture by preventing excessive evaporation
  • It protects plant roots from temperature extremes
  • It protects soil from compaction by insulating it from rainfall
  • It protects soil from erosion
  • It allows water to be absorbed quickly to reduce runoff
  • It allows enough ventilation to avoid harming the roots

Overall, Pine Straw is the product of choice for ground cover mulching. Wilson Straw comes in three quantities to meet the need of every project: Round Bale, Square Bale, and Pine Straw Mulch(Bags). Learn More